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About the Global Citizen Scholars Cohort IV Theme:
Empowering Women Worldwide

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For the 2020-24 Global Citizen Scholars (GCS) cohort, the theme is "Empowering Women Worldwide." Faculty co-leaders Dr. Sinha Roy & Dr. Caryl Waggett will guide students in exploring the challenges of empowering women, through the lenses of communication, social justice and global health. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Women and Education                       Women and Civil Rights

  • Women and Violence                          Mothers as Activists

  • Girl Power & Creating Change           Women's Health & Community Health Practices

  • Women and the Environment             Women's Media

  • Women's Cooperatives                        Women's Work

This program integrates co-curricular and co-curricular opportunities for learning about how women are important cultural change-makers.


Using readings, discussions, and both local and international site visits, participants critically unpack terms such as ‘empowerment’ and ‘development,’ while considering cultural differences.


Participants also study how historical events from the past continue to shape domestic growth and international relations. Students are encouraged to adopt a non-ethnocentric lens in approaching readings, discussions, and fieldwork

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To challenge participants to become stakeholders in the process of transforming themselves into informed citizens of the world. A big part of this is un-learning implicit biases and being able to envision globalization as a lesson in inclusion.

Global Citizen Scholars are not just resume builders. They are active learners and doers, without borders. These Gator Ambassadors are innovative and empathic change-makers who know that together, we can make a difference.


As we consider this cohort's theme of "Empowering Women Worldwide," we encourage  participants to think of the difference between 'empowering' and 'rescuing', and to challenge entrenched ideas such as women's issues are #thirdworldproblems, or that women's issues don't concern men.

Michelle Obama - "The Strength of a Woman" Motivational Speech

Our Mission

Empowering Women

Our Vision

To have different GCS perspectives shape a collective understanding of what gender empowerment means within the context of intersecting cultural and social inequities.

To have this cohort develop the knowledge base and listening skills that will prepare each GCS participant to enter into a lifelong dialog with the world.

Above all, we invite the incoming GCS scholars to bring their enthusiasm and excitement to bear upon making their own discoveries as they find their place in the world.

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