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The Allegheny College Global Citizen Scholars (GCS) Program [currently on hiatus] was designed for students who are interested in unpacking a complex global issue through interdisciplinary coursework and experiential fieldwork. Participants in the program commit to two academic years of work. During this time, they take a seminar on the cohort topic every semester. The coursework in the seminars prepares students to work in small groups on a capstone community-engaged learning (CEL) project. The program experience culminates in a showcasing of student research,  and the outcomes from the CEL projects at a public venue.

This website captures the experiences of Cohort IV (2020-22) on the theme of "Empowering Women Worldwide" [linked to U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 5].

Cohort IV of the Allegheny College Global Citizen Scholars Program was co-directed by Dr. Ishita Sinha Roy (Professor, Media & Cultural Studies) and Dr. Caryl Waggett (Professor, Global Health).

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About the GCS Program

Fall 2022 / Spring 2023: Sustainable Outcomes

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Fall 2022/Spring 2023

Seated L-R: Annaliese Stone, Rutendo Mavunga, Katherine Perez

Standing L-R: Prof. Sinha Roy, Samantha Minor, & Michael Williams

Front Row L-R: Annaliese Stone, Emily Mullen, Rutendo Mavunga, Katherine Perez, and Samantha Minor

Back Row L-R: Prof. Doug Luman and Prof. Sinha Roy

During the 2021 COVID-19 lockdown, a small team from Cohort IV of the Global Citizen Scholars Program, pictured above, worked with Media Studies Professor Ishita Sinha Roy, their Teaching Assistant Nicolle Long ('22), and the local community partner -- Women's Services Inc. in Meadville -- to write a children's anti-domestic abuse resource book called You are Not Alone.

Illustrations for the book were by Annaliese Stone, an Art, Science, Innovation Major ('24).

Professor Doug Luman (Computer Science) helped with the layout design and publishing of the book.

Michael Williams Director of Community Engaged Learning, provided invaluable guidance, and funded the completion of the project through a community outreach grant.

In Spring 2023, trained members from this group will collaborate with the Meadville Rotary AM Club, the Allegheny College Rotaract Club, and Women's Services, to use the book in anti-domestic violence education workshops across schools and public libraries in Crawford County, PA. Copies of the book will be distributed at these workshops.

Spring 2022


Students in Cohort IV of the Global Citizen Scholars (GCS) Program completed their last academic seminar INTDS 390 (Interdisciplinary Applications for Global Citizen Scholars) in Spring 2022. During the semester, they connected virtually with a number of global experts from community outreach organizations in countries -- India, Ghana, Costa Rica. These organizations work with local communities on issues of women’s empowerment, across various sectors.  The case studies from these emerging economies provide powerful insights into how investing in women can uplift entire communities.  This was also a unique opportunity to explore how cultural differences, and the intersectionality of factors such as class and caste, religion, age, etc. affect the success of gender equity initiatives, which, in turn, impacts the progress made on other U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, across different countries.   

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In the Students' Own Words ...

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Our final newsletter from Spring 2022 is available HERE, or if you click on the image on the right. You will need Adobe Reader to access the file.

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To view the program for the May 14, 2022 events, click here. The Program also lists the GCS Cohort IV students alongside their declared Major(s)/Minor(s), languages spoken and/or being studied, and study abroad plans.

To view the posters displayed at the Allegheny College Richard Cook-Terry Lahti Scholars' Symposium, please click here, or on the image above.


Download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, for free, to open the file.

Click on the images below to link to the work that our global partners SVYM (India), CISG (Costa Rica), and CFHI (Ghana), are doing for women's socio-economic progress, education, health. Learn also about the COVID-prevention strategies spearheaded by women in these communities.

In FALL 2021, students in Cohort IV of the Global Citizen Scholars (GCS) Program registered for INTDS 290 (GCS and Globalization) where we discussed select academic readings and explorations unpacking colonizing discourses about women across cultures. Student teams also polished and submitted the Spring 2021 projects to the community partner (Women's Services Inc. in Meadville). Students have also started to showcase their work at conferences, publications, and through other public channels. We have shared some of the Fall 2021 highlights below.

Fall 2021

Please click on the image on the left, or HERE, to access some snapshots of our Fall 2021 highlights.

Download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, for free, to open the file.

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Spring 2021

SPRING 2021:
e-Community Collaboration

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About Women's Services in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

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Please click on the image on the left, or HERE, to access the Spring 2021 Newsletter.

In Spring 2021, we collaborated with Meadville Women's Services Inc. on virtual Community Engaged Learning projects.
Our Cohort IV students continued to explore the theme of promoting "Empowering Women Worldwide," with a focus on domestic violence which had escalated during COVID-19 lockdown. Those who were vulnerable to abuse found themselves confined with their abusers for long periods of time and high stress and pandemic-related crises became triggers for violence.

Students worked in small groups, under the supervision of the GCS faculty directors and the now retired, Allegheny College Chaplain Rev. Jane Ellen Nickell, and were mentored by experts from our community partner organization -- Women's Services Inc. in Meadville. They worked on four exciting initiatives that were remote community partnership projects.  Through these, they explored what "empowerment" means in the case of vulnerable populations, and practiced active listening and learning, before moving to take action. The newsletter below briefly describes the Spring Semester learning through the e-community collaborations.

On the academic front, our students completed a 2-credit seminar, INTDS190 with Profs. Sinha Roy and Waggett. INTDS 190  was an introduction to the cohort-related theme of the global citizen scholars program.  Students explored the theme through local e-community projects. The emphasis was on developing civic identity and a commitment to finding ways in which they might take action individually and collectively. 

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